Clinic updates

I always like to pass along information on what my fellow Halcyon Health practitioners are doing, so here’s an update for you all.

Melissa Melnitzer, our physician who specializes in psychotherapy, has started a new blog called Oprah and Beyond. She was inspired by both O Magazine and Oprah’s announced departure from television, and wanted to have a place to post light and fun reflections with a bit of a pop culture twist, complementing the concept she has developed with her 15 minute beginnings blog.

Tiina Veer, our yoga instructor and fellow RMT, will be continuing to teach her Yoga for Round Bodies class in the new year. She is likely going to offer it as a weekly class starting in January. All the details will be available on Halcyon’s website in the new year.

Tiina and Melissa will also be doing a one day self-care retreat on Saturday, January 30th. This workshop involves both reflective writing and guided relaxation and helps you work towards personal well-being for 2010! All the details are available here.

And finally, Halcyon now has a variety of yoga classes available to you, including Iyengar and Restorative.

Hope you all enjoy your New Year’s holiday plans and hope to see you in 2010!