Fitness fun – Running

Another running season is now upon us! If you’ve been thinking of trying running for fitness or fun (or both!) this is a great time of year to start.

Some very basic advice for the beginner:

– Always warm up before a run. This can be something as simple as going for a short walk and stretching.
– Make sure you have proper running shoes. You don’t have to spend a ton on them, but they should be shoes made for running and not for cross-training, walking, or any other sport. Not sure where to get shoes? For basic shoes, any sports store will do – just make sure you take the time to try on several pair and walk around in them to see if they’re comfortable. If you’re looking to spend a bit more, my favourite shop in Toronto is The Runners Shop, located on Bloor Street West, across from the ROM.
– Keep hydrated, especially if it is hot outside. It is best to drink some water before you go for your run, and then drink small sips of water during.
– Don’t push yourself too hard! Just start out with a nice, easy pace, and take a short walk break when you need to.
– The Running Room has great clinics for both beginner runners (Learn to Run is particularly popular) as well as seasoned runners who are looking to train up to a new distance and/or improve their time.

Think you might want to try competing? It’s a ton of fun and often the events are fundraisers for great charities. Just a small selection of the runs coming up in Toronto this year:

May: Sporting Life 10K
June: Toronto Challenge 5K run/walk
July: Acura 10 miler and 5K
August: Toronto Women’s 10K and 5K
September: Toronto Waterfront Marathon/Half/5K
October: Goodlife Toronto Marathon/Half/5K/Relay